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The Creamed Pie Of Maserati

Huge-boobed and proud of it, lovely Maserati is being interviewed for an office job by Mr. D. She’s dressed prim and proper, although you can see her bra through her lace blouse. “I’ve been an administrative assistant for 5 years. I really love my job. I’m very organized,” Maserati tells Mr. D.

“I see you worked at Cramer and Cramer,” Mr. D. notes, scanning Maserati’s resume. “Let me just give them a call and use them as a reference.” Maserati interrupts him before he makes the call. “Wait, let me explain a few things. I really climbed up the ladder in my first year there. Mr. Cramer and I got along. But Mrs. Cramer had an issue. She was jealous and always complaining to Mr. Cramer that I dressed inappropriately.”

Mr. D. poo-poos her concern. “Let’s not worry about that. Let me call and see if your story pans out. Just bear with me one second.” In a few seconds, “bear with me” will change to “bare with me.” Mr. D. makes the call. “Hi Phil, it’s Tony. I have this applicant and she’s jotted you down as a reference. Her name? Maserati.” “You lucky son of a gun,” Cramer replies. “That gal is hot! Did more for me then any other secretary, if you know what I mean. Just make sure your wife’s not around. Oh, and Tony? One more thing. She makes a great cream pie!”

Tony hangs up and gives Maserati the news. “Well, do you think I’ve got the job?” Maserati asks, standing up to show him her incredible figure. This is a chick who looks naked with her clothes on. “Even though my outfit’s a little bit revealing?” She leans over his desk, her huge twin bulges aiming at his head. “Ah, well, there is one thing I’d like to discuss,” says Mr. D., ready to make his move. “Something about a cream pie?” “Guilty…I can teach you all about my cream pie,” explains Maserati. “But I’ll need your cream for the filling. Maybe I should show you.”

Maserati reaches into his fly and pulls his junk out of his trousers. She lowers to her knees, loosens her hair and starts sucking his dick. They move over to Mr. D.’s special human resources interview couch so they can spread out. Maserati continues to hungrily and loudly slurp his shaft until it’s time to get fucked. Mr. D. gives her a pounding, thoughts of a cream pie baking in their heads.

Maserati is eager to feel his load shoot deep into her cunt and eager to squeeze the man-sauce out of her pussy-hole. It’s one of the horniest sights Maserati can show a guy and it never fails to excite her and her partners. Mr. D. will have many days of cream pie for lunch in the future while Ms. Maserati will enjoy job security. Everybody wins.

Date: December 31, 2020

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