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Jasmine’s Ass Picnic

It’s a peaceful, sunny afternoon, the perfect weather for Jasmine Black to bring a blanket to the fields and just lazy-day the afternoon away. She kicks off her slides and lays down on the blanket. She’s looking hot in her two-piece outfit that shows plenty of skin. But Jasmine looks restless. She gets up, looks around, then takes off her top to reveal a sexy pink bra supporting impressive, deep cleavage. A girl her age has a lot of sex juices flowing. She’s always in heat and today is no different.

Jasmine gets naked on the blanket and gives herself an arousing massage. Suddenly she bolts upright. Carlos, a local sleazy pervert has been staring at her, jerking off. He approaches Jasmine with his cock sticking out of his fly. She could knee him but her hormones get the better of her. She looks at the cock and must suck it–suck it full and deep. Jasmine opens her legs for a pussy fucking. More sucking and spitting follow their first coupling. Jasmine licks the balls and jerks the shaft hard with her little hands. They do it sideways and build up a head of steam. The air is filled with the flesh-slapping sound of his body pounding against hers. Her ass is so inviting that doggie must be next on the menu.

Jasmine kneels before him and takes every inch of hot beef. He fingers her asshole, probing the way. In a squatting position, Jasmine is plugged from below. This girl really loves to be stuffed with dick. And finally, she’s warmed up and ready for her butthole to be plundered. Her hand guides his rod slowly into her tight asshole and once deep in place, they begin to fuck very hard. Jasmine begs him to fuck her lubed ass and rubs her pussy as her ass is banged. Her sensuous moaning never stops. Carlos straddles her chest and holds her tits together while Jasmine jerks his meat fast and hard. He cums all over her big tits to her delighted approval in one of the rare times when a porn stud doesn’t do the jacking himself.

Date: December 31, 2020

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