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The Angel And The Bad Man

Angel Gee is a lot hornier than the average girl. Some girls look naked fully dressed. Angel is one of them. Angel is only five feet tall and she has 36F-cup tits. That is truly an unbelievable sight. Angel admitted she doesn’t watch a lot of porn videos but she’s not hurting for personal inspiration.

“I want to be the porn star in my bed!” Angel said. “I love to watch myself having sex. That’s hot! I’ll pick up little things by surfing the Web, and I’ll try out new toys. I like that. That’s my scene. I feel like I’m my own porn star in my own room.

“I love breast play. I love when a guy plays with my rings. Just rub my breasts and go down. I love kissing and I love teasing a guy and making him wait and want me more. That’s a big turn-on for me. I love doggie style because he can grab my boobs from behind while he’s fucking me. I like to be on top so I can play with them myself. I just like sex. I’m very sexual, so I like to play with myself and have a guy watch me before sex. That’s kinda foreplay for me.

“My favorite position, besides standing up, is kinda from the side, one leg way up in the air, one of his legs in-between. The first time I tried it felt really good…something I’d never done before. We were all tangled up. We were lying down, and he was behind me. So I had one leg all the way up and one leg on the bed. I’ll try anything! But nothing hits me better than doggie style. It goes in further so there’s an extra scream to come out.”

Date: April 16, 2021

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