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Vee For Vixen

Sleek, slim, stacked and slinky, Vee VonSweets has got the body for getting wet. Vee gets wet in a florist’s shop when she points a flower sprayer on her big boobs, soaking her sheer, low-cut dress. The wet dress turns translucent and sticks to her now-visible nipples. There’s only one thing Vee can do. Get naked and cum among the flowers.

Has a bra ever popped open on Vee?

“No. Most of the time my bras are good. The ones that hook in the back, sometimes my nipple will pop out because the cup doesn’t actually cover it. Front-loaders are more secure. It’s really hard for me to find bras in my size. A lot of times if I go to Victoria’s Secret, I’ll buy something that almost fits. I’ll squeeze my boobs in there, but they’re not the right size so that’s probably another reason they pop out.”

Date: April 16, 2021

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