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Ms. Fox & Mr. Fix-It

Ms. Shay Fox has it all. House. Money. A husband who provides it and who’s not home a lot. With all that, Shay likes strange cock when she can get it.

Today’s cock for Shay belongs to home repairman Carlos, who is fixing a shelf in her living room while Shay reads and checks him out. He’s confused by her living arrangements but not above banging busty MILFS when he is given the opportunity. She waves her big ring at him.

Carlos is not one to deprive cheating wives of his tool. Shay can have it. Once Shay explains her position and slips off her blouse, she gets into another position. She slurps on his screwdriver in the deep-sucking, messy way that she’s famous for. Her BJs are noisy, hands-free, sloppy and spit-dripping.

Skirt and panties off per Carlos’ direction, Shay gets on her back on the couch. Carlos licks her slit, lubing it up nice and slick for his fuck-stick, then slips it in and begins pumping her. Her pussy squeezes tight when it’s filled. Now that he knows what a hot fuck he has on his hands, he’ll be making more house calls in the near future. That’s why he works as an on-call repairman. Tons of hot, lonely pussy need servicing.

Date: December 31, 2020

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