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Welcome To Sofia Damon’s Place

Sofia Damon invites you to her cozy place and gives you the guided tour. That includes Sofia’s bedroom where the tour gets very intimate and close-up.

Sofia opens the door to greet you. She speaks in Spanish so we’ve added English captions.

“Welcome, SCORELAND members, to my house.”

“Come in. I want to show you my lifestyle.”

Sofia’s wearing a very low-cut top that’s knotted in the front and shows off her enormous cleavage. She loves her apartment, her lifestyle and the view of the city. While she’s showing off her living room, Sofia introduces you to two of the four cats she dotes on. You’ll be seeing another kind of pretty pussy when Sofia takes you into her bedroom.

Sofia has a long mirror in her bedroom and likes to look at herself as she plays with her big, big tits. After swinging and bouncing her boobs (some of it shot in slow motion), Sofia takes a break from her breast exercises to pat down her pussy. After she cums, she resumes her boobs-in-motion play.

Thank you for the invitation and hospitality, Sofia Damon.

Date: January 25, 2021

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