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Terri Lou & Charley Atwell: British Bosom Buddies

Terri Lou has a sexy friend named Charley Atwell. You know what is said about birds of a feather. These two English birds got together for SCORELAND and they make a fine pair with fine pairs.

Charley used to work at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. She loves working out and it shows. Shopping is another favorite activity. “I’m a massive foodie and I love to travel,” Charley said.

“I love to wear a little black dress and also sexy sheer tight tops so everyone can’t stop staring. I get loads of attention. Good and bad attention! The bad is mainly from jealous partners.”

All eyes are on Terri Lou when she’s running around town. No surprise about that with those tits. That’s why Terri Lou favors tops and dresses that show massive amounts of cleavage. “I try not to wear a bra unless I have to. I love my tits being free and I enjoy sunbathing topless in my garden.”

Watch out for those peeping neighbors and drone operators, Terri.

Date: December 31, 2020

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