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High-Sugar Sex

Sadie Blooms is a huge-boobed beauty who contacted and wanted to join the Big Show.. And she wanted to fuck too.

Today’s new models do not wait weeks, months or years like they used to. How lucky are you, SCORE Man?

How did Sadie even know about SCORE? “It was because of my boob-loving friend,” Sadie told us. “He loves you and urged me to connect with you.” Sadie wanted to try it for the experience at the very least, if not make a career out of it.

Sadie is one of those fortunate girls who sprouted as a teen and rips the tape measure at 38G. She likes to play tennis and watch her favorite (American) football teams, the Eagles and the Phillies. Sadie’s goal in life is to enter a triathlon because “it would be such an accomplishment.”

This is worrisome because of the dangers involved. Sadie could lose breast-size training for this grueling event and the very thought of this is stressing us out.

Dressed in a skimpy bra, panties and heels, Sadie greets her sex-date with a cleavage full of whipped cream decorated by a strawberry. After licking that up, she sprays whipped cream on his cock, he sprays it on her pussy, and they both lick up the sweet, creamy goodness. For the main course, Sadie is fucked good and hard. Marvel at her magnificence as her tits bounce and shake with each in-and-out stroke.

Date: December 31, 2020

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