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Nurse Alix Heals A Hard-On

This man’s swollen organ is in Nurse Alix’s healing hands. A Voluptuous Girl, Alix Lakehurst is a true angel of mercy. He compliments her on her nurse’s uniform, the latest fashion in boner-building fuck-wear.

“Did your titties get bigger?” her patient asks. Alix laughs. “They probably have!” she replies. “So you like my dress? Wanna see what’s underneath,” Alix teases, her voice guaranteeing a fun time in a few minutes. He dives right for her right nipple and sucks. How could he resist?

No breast-man, if given the opportunity to lick, fuck and squeeze Alix’s 42 inch, 34DDD tits would turn her down. He rises from his sick bed to vigorously screw her tits and then pound the hell out of her cunt. He eventually donates his sperm, which she catches on her hooters and in her wide-open mouth. An excellent nurse.

A man could have no hotter fuck-nurse than Alix Lakehurst. She is a nasty, dirty sex-doll when she wants to be and we were proud to visit the SCORE Hospital For Hung Men & Women With Big, Hanging Tits.

Date: December 31, 2020

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